Don’t stop believin’

Few people are entrepreneurs. Even fewer are successful.

But for the resilient ones — the dreamers, thinkers, and changemakers — being an entrepreneur is the only path.

I’ve come to find entrepreneurship is a process. It is neither a sprint, nor a marathon — it is evolving. It is beautiful, gratifying, and deeply terrifying.

Fortunately, I’ve had help along the way. Advisors provide valuable advice, direction, and motivation. Investors do the same with an obvious vested interest in success.

With each time I’ve failed — and it’s been often — they have guided me back on track and helped me walk the path to my vision.

But I’ve learned that while investors, advisors, co-founders, etc. are necessary, no one will build a company for me. I am the one person who can make it become my vision.

The only entrepreneurs I know have achieved success after years of pushing forward with their vision. Every time I encounter a challenge or question my motivation, I’m reminded of Chris Sacca:

“Everything good in my life has come immediately following a period of anxiety, intensity, uncertainty and commitment.”

Don’t stop believin’.